Remember Kandoo? The catchy slogan ‘You can do it too with Kandoo’ is still remembered by most, despite the brand leaving the UK market years ago to focus on the rest of Europe and the USA. 



Kandoo wanted to take this success back to the UK, by re-launching the brand and re-establishing its market share and place in every young family’s bathrooms. But since their last UK experience, consumption behaviours have shifted, and low cost, own-brand versions often take preference. So, we were tasked with the challenge of strategizing their new position in the market, and creating a squeaky clean new presence with value, differentiating the brand from own-label alternatives.

Our work for Kandoo has encompassed everything: designing and creating all global websites, creating game apps, managing their entire social presence, producing video content as well as making fun and informative training booklets and reward charts. Beyond that, we've also provided Kandoo with the tools and tactics to extend their trade distribution into the big supermarkets.


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